The History of Knullrufs
What is Knullrufs? (See picture and you will know)

It all started a sunny august day 2006. We all sat on the bus, we felt alone in a world full of sorrow. What could we do to feel better? Talk to the people on the bus, talk to our selves or maybe begin to sing and se who would sing with us. As the songbirds we are we began to sing. And suddenly we heard this magic tunes in the air from the side and there they sat, the other two guys in the becoming group of Knullrufs. We all began to sing toghetter immedately and it was love at first sight, or we maybe should say on the first tone.

Later that night, around 3 a.m. nathan and daniel came outside, dressed to impress. They were dressed in just bed linnens. And we stratrted to sing for some randome girls the girls seemd to like our singing, thats when we got our first real grouppies......


The voices of Knullrufs
Tobias Fink
Mr D
Daniel Goudsmit
Nathan Bouscher



Latest news!


Knullrufs wants to wish ALL our groupies a HAPPY 2007 with alot of JOY and HAPPINES (and ofcourse alot of knullrufs)!

We have had a busy autumn with alot of touring, we are sorry for only touring in Holland but the coming year we will be more International. We are trying to book in concerts in Sweden, Spain and ofcourse on Summer U where we will have our one year jubilee.


Today we had our last concert for the year 2006. We quote one of our groupies "It was amazing, it was like a beautiful guy took down the stars and gave it to me, I becamse so happy and filled with Joy". We are happy that we can give something special to our groupies. So next year will be a greater year with more suprices for our groupies. So stay tuned!


Extra material

As a good band with alot of groupies we want to give something extra back to them. Here you can find some gifts and they will be more... so stay tuned and visit this page frequently.

Summer U Concert August 2006

Here you can download our last concert on Summer U 2006 in Barcelona.


Unfortunately we had to take away this file from the site. Just contact us if you want to see it and we will send it to you.




Groupie mails

We have alot of groupies and we are very happy for that. We get alot of groupie mails and we are gonna publish some of them here soon. So if you want your groupie mail published, just mail it to us.


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